Today is the deadline for retreat deposits, of which there are only 7. Sadly this means the retreat scheduled for March is cancelled. We will look at running Cascade Retreat 2 later this year. All deposits and tickets will be fully refunded.

Apologies to those who were really looking forward to it - a Cascade Retreat is a truly special event, it's a shame it couldn't happen this time.

(It has been suggested that perhaps we could 'crowd fund' the retreat. It costs between £15,000 and £20,000 to run this kind of a retreat, which would equal at the low end a ticket price of £2,142 for each of the 7 students. However, if we include those that can't do both the retreat and research program, the number is actually 4. So that's a ticket price of £3,750 each, plus the cost of the research program that all 4 people also want to take part in. I've decided not to ask, not only because I'm pretty sure 2 of the 4 can't afford £5k (meaning the remaining two would need to stump up the majority of the £15k for a two person retreat) but also because it's not worth doing in terms of the work to outcome ratio for the service at this time.)