In less than three months the site is going to fall off a cliff, because Peter (the developer guy) and I (the content guy) will run out of both spare time and cash. This is because I've been suffering from a delusion when it comes to how to raise funds to finish the site. It seems I thought people would donate up front for something they may be grateful for in the future, when it turns out people only donate after they are grateful for receiving something. This is borne out by the number of new students (currently over 100) who have donated so far: zero. Seems rather obvious now.

And so, I've decided to introduce a harder membership model (if you remember from the 'help' video, this was stage 2 of the plan). This means there will now be a 2 week free period to work with the first part of the master class, earn some badges, ask a question or two, see if you like it, after which you can become a student by contributing a membership fee of a minimum of £10 a month. This will directly contribute to all of the new material and functionality in the pipeline.

Speaking of which, here'e an update: the 29 videos for Dialectic v2 are coming along on schedule for the end of this month, and then we expect the awesome new 'secret sauce' practice/community functionality (it's top secret so I can't tell you anymore) to drop in February with the remaining parts of the master class. What we have planned is very special, and if you do decide to become a student, you will be contributing to making it a reality!

In the meantime, I'll see you this Friday for the next Q&A!