Attempting a dialectic contemplation with the current version of the interactive form is probably going to leave you confused and bamboozled, especially if you've never done one before or had a support session with a mentor.

The current form was the minimum for launch, and is certainly usable, but we need a new dialectic form with a more accessible structure, video instruction for each of the 5 types (dramas, dreams, daydreams, distractions and dialectic questions) and the form's questions tailored to each type.

We need Dialectic v2!

If you've watched the Basic Dialectic I did on retreat with Chad, you will recognise some of the steps in the proposed restructure for v2:

1. How to capture an appearance

2. How to get the analogy

3. The Apparent Name 

4. Past Examples

5. 5 Aspects of an Appearance

6. The Real Name

7. Reciprocal Relationship

Students will have a video walkthrough for the entire dialectic, with examples for each, including advice in terms of what to expect during the practice at each stage, especially in regards to common sticking points and self-sabotage.

We're currently working on Dialectic v2 in our spare time, but if you would like to ensure we get there by speeding up its development, please consider helping Fountainhead! 

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