Status: Trainee Wisdom Counsellor

Age: 33

Location: Glastonbury

What set you off on the course of awakening?

Being initiated into the Western Esoteric tradition was my first formal step on the path and sparked a progression of study culminating with the subject of awakening.

What traditions/teachers/practices were you involved with previously?

My background is in the Western Esoteric tradition. The practice of which involved study, ritual and daily meditations.

Why do you think so few people involved in the Western Esoteric Tradition openly discuss awakening? 

Although I was involved in the Western Esoteric Tradition for over 10 years it took me a long time to realise that awakening is at the core of the tradition, its reason for being. 

It's certainly the case that my delay in realising this was mainly due to personal misunderstandings, but it is also symptomatic of the disconnection between the tradition and awakening. 

It has been my experience that awakening has become intentionally mythologised, resulting in an institutionalised scepticism. This issue is further compounded by the corruption of the initiatory structure where those who hold high rank often have no realisation and pollute the tradition with misunderstandings and misleading teachings.

As a result the vast majority of initiates simply don't wake up and those that do can face a hostile culture, all of which doesn't encourage the open discussion of awakening.

How did you first hear about working with Alan?

I first heard about Alan through reading Advanced Magick for Beginners and then later again through the [now defunct] Open Enlightenment project. 

What is your most significant wisdom/awakening event?

I "woke up" on the last day of retreat with Alan in early 2015. The years prior had been characterised by an increasing desperation and relentless seeking, leaving me exhausted and frustrated. So for me, not only was awakening beautiful and profound but it was also liberation from a preoccupation with seeking that was sabotaging my life. The relief was astonishing.

Do you find it easy to sit?

I find it increasingly easy to sit and would say that most sits are now easy. Having said that, in the past I found it difficult and often frustrating.

What practice are you currently doing?

My practice consists of daily esoteric contemplation and working with the dialectic when appropriate.

Do you find it easy to do a dialectic?

Mostly, yes. However, doing a dialectic on my personal issues can still take a while to complete and I have to be aware of ways I sabotage the process, such as suddenly feeling tired or distracted.

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