Status: Trainee Wisdom Counsellor

Age: 47

Location: Valhalla, New York, USA

Can you remember the first time you suspected there was a bigger truth to life, and that this was something you could participate in?

I was five years old when a group of men claiming to be shepherds -- in retrospect, I think they were Jehovah’s Witnesses -- piqued my curiosity about that something more and set me on an insane search for God.

Did this influence the traditions and practices you were involved with before you came to Fountainhead?

Yes! Practically every flavor of Christianity, from tongue-speaking Fundamentalism to a liberal High Anglicanism. Also persistent, though dilettantish forays into the OTO, Golden Dawn, Ogdoadic and Chaos [note: all examples of western esotericism]; tangential bouts with Zen and Ch’an Buddhism, and a deep plunge into Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism for several years.

How did you first hear about Fountainhead?

I read about Alan [Chapman, founder of Fountainhead) in a book by one of his students.  At the time, I couldn’t get in touch with that student, so I thought I’d try her teacher! There were some synchronicities that seemed to confirm moving in this direction.

What was your most significant awakening?

Without question, my life changed after the California retreat with Alan in Spring 2014 and then later that summer in Wales. Leading up to that I had a profound experience while in Jamaica, of there being no inside and outside.  Going into and coming out of the retreats I’d never had such a powerful experience in my life. It was like being blown open.

What practice are you currently doing?

Fire and Beloved [esoteric] contemplations.

Do you find it easy to sit everyday?


Do you find it easy to do a dialectic?


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