Emma Tynan

Status: Student

Age: 32

Location: London

Can you remember the first time you suspected there was a bigger truth to life, and that this was something you could participate in?

Truthfully, I don't ever remember a time that I didn't know there was a bigger truth. As long as I can remember, I always felt I was participating in it in some way.  One of my earliest memories was at the age of around 2 years. I would have my daily naps, and go to my “special place”. That’s what I called it. That experience I can only describe now as white light and pure love.

What traditions or practices were you involved with previously?

I had an Irish catholic upbringing, and eventually rejected that world in my early teens. I went to New York at the age of 16 and discovered A Course in Miracles at a new-age bookstore and through Marianne Williamson. I didn't understand it at the time (I’m still a student) - but some of the writings had a profound effect on me. I wanted to know more and more and more about this Truth… I was thirsty. It wasn't until I had a quarter life crisis after 10 years of anxiety and depression at the age of 28 did I pick up the course again. I also started praying, meditating, doing yoga and reading everything I could find on Buddhism.

How did you first hear about the Fountainhead Wisdom Service or working with Alan?

Through my husband Jason. I actually had a visceral reaction when Jason started telling me about Alan and his teaching. I wanted to get sick (in a good way - sorry Alan!). There was just a lot of personal resistance taking the journey to remember.

What is your most significant wisdom or awakening event?

Most recently experiencing the “source” of all things. I was in the Brompton Oratory back in May. I was meditating and having some chill time, and then out of nowhere started thinking about apparitions. It’s impossible to grow up in Ireland and not learn about every single apparition and crying statue of Mary! I then started thinking about Jesus and enlightenment, left and then went to the V&A museum… not sure what really happened but I began to experience everything flowing from one source, as well as a feeling of pure Love. I felt amazing and energized for a few days afterwards.

Do you find it easy to sit?

Yes and no… depends how I’m feeling! I try to meditate everyday… keeps me tapped in.

What practices are you currently doing?

Contemplation and I have an on/off practice with A Course In Miracles and the workbook. I try and make everything my practice as well.

Do you find it easy to do a dialectic?

No - actually I really resist it, but when I do it with Jason I get insane breakthroughs. It makes me feel sick before I do one…..kind of like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I’ve never been one to shy away for resistance. If I don't want to do it - that’s my next right step.