Roy Bayfield

Status: Student

Age: 54

Location: North West UK

What set you off on the course of awakening?

After experiencing a significant health issue I found myself asking ‘what does it all mean?’ type questions. This led me to looking again at ‘spiritual’ practices. I had always balked at meditation – in fact I found it annoying that so many accounts of spirituality would end up with meditation as ‘the answer’. Having exhausted all avenues I started working with Alan which put awakening on the agenda. Prior to that I thought it was some kind of metaphor or rare feat of spiritual superheroism.  

What traditions were you involved with previously?

I’ve spent a lot of time in liberal Christian and Quaker settings. Also absorbed a lot of Buddhism via the Beat writers.  

What brought you to the Fountainhead?

I had already been working with Alan for a few years when the Fountainhead came into being, so it seemed like a natural progression.  

What is your most significant awakening event?

An awakening I experienced in 2012 was significant, in that ‘Gone, gone, really gone, into the cool, oh, Mama!’, through the gateless gate, ‘all the creation gave unto me another smell than before, beyond what words can utter’ sense. After a while in the time honoured fashion it appeared to wear off, at least somewhat. The Fountainhead wisdom-work in understanding this stuff has helped see through the one-off apocalypse scenario, now it’s wisdom events all the time, baby!   

Do you find it easy to sit?

8 sits out of 10 are easy. 

What practice are you currently doing?

Daily sit with the Awakening is a Fire analogy – cross legged on a cushion as I happen to find the position comfortable. I also do dialectics about once a week. 

Can you remember the first time you really grasped the implications of dialectic contemplation?

The first time I helped identify the name of a misleading role with someone else was quite a revelation, somehow sharing in the process with another made it clearer.